Dear Friends, Supporters, and Constituents:

It has been a great honor to represent you, the people of the 2nd District. As always, I have been working hard to represent your interests and address your concerns. Some of my goals in the past 2 sessions were to continue helping our veterans and seniors, funding education first in the budget (it is mandated by the state constitution) while maintaining high academic standards in the classroom, secure funding for major projects in the district, and continue to crack down on crime, all without raising taxes.  I worked the best I could across party lines to get things done, and was able to accomplish something in all of these areas, while refusing to compromise on my core principles.

Coming from a small business background, I understand that the government needs to be a friend and not an overbearing regulator in order for jobs and the economy to flourish. The private sector is the only real source of revenue. Government would do well to simply get out of the way so local businesses can create jobs and get the economy back on a solid footing.

Fiscal responsibility has been one of my foremost concerns, especially in the last 2 sessions. Living within our means, as every family must do, is something that has been forgotten in government. At the current rate of spending (which doesn’t show any signs of decreasing), we will probably be facing yet another large deficit next session. This is totally unacceptable: the citizens of Washington deserve better than having their tax dollars spent on unnecessary things instead of on the fundamental priorities of government. Real needs such as education, transportation, and public safety should no longer be set aside; we’ve missed too many opportunities already. It is past time for our state government to get serious about saving the taxpayers’ dollars instead of trying to take more through new and increased taxes.

You can count on me to stick to my policy of common-sense, voter-oriented work in the legislative process. The voters of the 2nd District are my number-one priority in everything I do. When I first took office, I swore an oath to uphold the Constitutions of Washington and of the United States to the best of my ability. That is a duty I take very seriously. I will fight to preserve your rights and liberties.

I also believe that the education and equipping of our children is the heart of the American dream. Our education policy should focus on training our children in the vital skills which form the tools to success—skills such as the ability to read and write, understand math, and know history and geography. More important than knowledge, however, is character: Our children should learn character as well as academics.

Regardless of your party affiliation, most of you desire to see government be accountable to the people, and use your tax dollars wisely and efficiently. I share that desire, and that was one of the reasons I became involved in the political process.

If your believe government should be more dedicated to the interests and concerns of its people, I would be honored to have your support as I seek reelection the Washington State House of Representatives.

Thank you, 

Representative Jim McCune